Lake Austin living is paradise. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, clear waters, and a
multitude of recreational activities. Designing and building your dream home on Lake
means finding the perfect spot suitable for your vision. When choosing the land
for your dream home, it is important to keep these things in mind.

Lake Austin Waterfront

When you are choosing the perfect location for your new home, think about what
matters most to you whether that be accessibility, exclusivity, and the overall feel of the
neighborhood. Lake Austin has lots of different types of landscapes, terrains and
topography for you to choose from. Finding the ideal location solely depends on what
kind of plot of land you are looking for.

When searching for your Lake Austin spot, it is important to consider the amount of lake
the home could have. Property right on the water or with easy access to can be
hard to find, so of course the price will directly correlate with that. Knowing how much
waterfront your land has, considering whether you will truly be on the lake or in a canal
all will be crucial when negotiating your fair price. The waterfront quality and price
should line up.

Lakefront Topography

Topography of the land you are considering is very important. Just because there are
two pieces of land with 300 feet of waterfront does not mean they are equal. Here are
some questions to consider when choosing your waterfront land.
1 – Is the waterfront easily accessible?
2 – Will I need to build a steep tram down a slope to get to the waterfront?
3 – Is the waterfront level?
These questions will help you when deciding how you can best use the waterfront and
reach it.

Embracing Nature in Design

Once you have picked out the perfect waterfront lot for you, the fun begins. When
designing your lakefront luxury home, embrace nature! At the initial planning stage, try
to imagine designs that not only match your style, but also embrace the natural
surroundings around you. Some of these might include floor to ceiling windows, incorporating natural light, lush courtyards, scenic decks and seamless indoor/outdoor

Your lake surroundings should merge with the architectural elements of your home
fluently, producing a beautiful balance between your home and nature. Focusing on
nature while you are in the design process makes your custom built home more than
just a home, but a haven that celebrates your style, and the beauty around you.

Lake House Floor Plans

While deciding your floor plan for your custom home, think of the view! Open layouts will
seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor living while giving you a full 360 view of your
view. Large windows, natural light are all things you will want in your custom dream
home. Your home should flow easily from room to room, ideal for guests and
entertaining. Guestrooms and primary bedrooms with large, panoramic views will
highlight the scenery, making for a perfect sanctuary for guests.

Create a comfortable outdoor oasis where your guests can relax. Think of unique
outdoor features that enhance your outdoor experience such as outdoor kitchens,
fireplaces, a dock, and seating areas. Your Lake Austin dream home will be so special
to you with carefully designed details and the perfect floor plan.

Building your Home Sustainably

When you are starting to design and build your lakeside home, finding sustainable ways
to build is a much better way to build. You can include energy efficient techniques such
as solar panels which can help you save on electricity costs, make your carbon footprint
smaller, be energy independent and increase your property value.

Rainwater harvesting systems are a good way to conserve your water resources, lower
your water bill, water your landscape and create an environmentally self-sufficient
home. ICF blocks, or Insulated Concrete Blocks are another way to build sustainably
smart. ICF blocks are a wonderful technology that offers top notch thermal operation
which can lower the need for so much cooling and heating consumption. By using ICF
blocks, you lower your carbon emissions, energy bills and are always prepared for any

Building your Dream Home on Lake Austin with Jenkins Design Build

Imagine waking up to the stunning sunrise over Lake Austin, stepping out onto your
deck for a morning coffee surrounded by nature’s beauty. This doesn’t have to be just a
dream! Jenkins Design Build can turn your vision into a reality with a seamless and
stress-free experience.

Unlike other builders, Jenkins Design Build offers a unique advantage – we have a team
of experienced Architects, Builders, and Interior Designers all under one roof. This
ensures a cohesive vision throughout the entire process, from finding the perfect
lakeside lot to the final landscaping touches.

We understand the significance of your dream home. Our meticulous attention to detail
and lifestyle analysis guarantees a beautiful and functional space built specifically for
YOU with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Embrace the Lake Austin Lifestyle

Building a lakeside retreat is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s about creating a
sanctuary for relaxation and connection with loved ones. Imagine hosting memorable
gatherings on your custom-designed patio, enjoying refreshing dips in your perfectly
placed pool, or simply unwinding on your balcony with the calming sounds of the lake.

Contact Jenkins Design Build today and let’s transform your Lake Austin dream into a
reality. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a stress-free and
enjoyable experience. Together, we’ll create a home that reflects your unique style and
allows you to embrace the beauty of lakeside living.