Luxury League is proud to announce that 18 members have been nominated to the Class of 2021 Women in Austin Real Estate.

Since its inception in 2019, The Women in Austin real estate awards has sought to recognize the amazing women who dominate the real estate industry. While real estate industry leaders are often identified by their production, this program uniquely considers how these top producers have positively impacted the lives of those on their teams and their professional affiliations.

According to Women in Austin, “these women exemplify the grace and thoughtfulness that would ‘make your day.'” This contest is an awards program just for them, but one where the people decide the winners (by vote). It’s a “people’s choice” awards program where the public can show their appreciation for these amazing professionals.

The Luxury League agents nominated for the 2021 Women in Austin Real Estate Awards are:

  • Dara Allen
  • Robin Banister
  • Tammie Bennett
  • Megan Cavazos
  • Beth Drewett
  • Monica Fabbio
  • Michelle Jones
  • Amber Hart
  • Nicole Kessler
  • Anna Lee
  • Charlotte Lipscomb
  • Melissa Meeks Kilian
  • Leah Petri
  • Bridget Ramey
  • Kathryn Scarborough
  • Jeannette Spinelli
  • Jennifer Welch
  • Kumara Wilcoxon

Congratulations to all of our members who have been recognized.

To vote for the 2021 Women in Austin Real Estate awards, click here.